Swish-Pro Bedtime Protein

Swish-Pro Bedtime Protein

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Introducing Swish-Pro Bedtime Protein, the ultimate nighttime supplement crafted to enhance muscle recovery and growth as you sleep.

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£22.95£39.95 or subscribe and save 20%

  • Introducing Swish-Pro Bedtime Protein, the pinnacle of nighttime nutrition designed for those seeking an edge in muscle recovery and growth while they sleep. Our product leads the way with its supreme performance, achieved through ultra-filtration technology, ensuring a smooth, slow-release protein that is easy to mix and even easier to enjoy. With an impressive 87% protein content, primarily in the form of Calcium Caseinate, Swish-Pro Bedtime Protein stands out as the premier choice for sustained overnight muscle nourishment.

    Formulated from the finest quality ingredients, this protein powder boasts a full spectrum amino acid profile, enriched with both Whey and Casein Protein Fractions. The result is a clean-tasting, smooth powder that’s low in lactose and fat, ensuring your last meal of the day supports your fitness goals without compromise. Unique in its formulation, it is free from artificial flavours and sweeteners, delivering a wholly natural product that supplies 26.1g of protein per 30g serving (unflavoured).

    Scientifically Proven

    The strength of Swish-Pro Bedtime Protein lies not only in its nutritional profile but in its scientifically proven benefits. Protein, as endorsed by ‘EFSA’ Approved Claims, plays a crucial role in a multitude of vital processes, notably the maintenance and growth of muscle mass and the maintenance of normal bones. Our offering ensures a sustained release of amino acids for up to 7 hours, optimising the body’s repair and growth capabilities throughout the night.

    Swish-Pro Bedtime Protein is not just an ordinary milk protein; it’s your ultimate nighttime companion. It mixes more easily and tastes cleaner and smoother than you would ever expect, setting a new standard for bedtime supplements. Embrace the opportunity to maximise overnight muscle recovery and wake up ready to tackle another day of training with Swish-Pro Bedtime Protein, the ideal choice for your bedtime routine.

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    • Supreme night-time nutrition designed to aid muscle recovery and growth during sleep
    • Superior performance through ultra-filtration technology, ensuring smooth, slow-release protein
    • High protein content of 87%, mainly from Calcium Caseinate, offering prolonged overnight nourishment
    • Crafted from the highest quality ingredients with a full spectrum amino acid profile
    • Enriched with Whey and Casein Protein fractions, delivering a clean-tasting, smooth protein powder
    • Low in lactose and fat, it’s a wholesome last meal of the day that supports your fitness goals
    • Free from artificial flavours and sweeteners and provides 26.1g of protein per 30g serving
    • Proven benefits backed by ‘EFSA’ approved claims include the maintenance and growth of muscle mass and normal bones
    • Ensures a sustained release of amino acids for up to 7 hours amplifying body’s night-time repair and growth capabilities
    • Swish-Pro Bedtime Protein is more than an ordinary milk protein; it’s your ultimate night-time companion that mixes easily, tastes clean and smooth
    • Ideal for boosting overnight muscle recovery and focus for the next day’s training.
    Add to your favourite beverage30g (1 scoop approx)
    Take as part of your dietary requirements.
    The ideal time for consumpton is just before bedtime.
    Please Note: Milk protein does not disperse quite as easily as whey protein and also requires more liquid for mixing.
    Calcium Caseinatefrom Cows Milk (Allergen)
    Whey Protein Concentratefrom Cows Milk (Allergen)
    Chocolate: Cocoa, Natural Chocolate Flavouring, Natural Vanilla Flavouring, Maltodextrin, Sweetener: sucralose (E955)
    NUTRITIONAL ANALYSIS (UNFLAVOURED)Per 30g ServingPer 100g Serving
    Carbohydrate 0.4g1.4g
    Sugars 0.3g1g
    Protein 26.1g87g
    Suitable for Vegetarians