About swish.works

swish.works operates under Aviform Ltd as its distinctive brand for sports nutrition and dietary supplements. Since its inception in 1978, Aviform Ltd has been at the forefront of producing nutritional supplements. In 1999, we introduced the Muscleform brand, setting a precedent in the UK by providing high-quality nutritional supplements directly to consumers at competitive prices. As of April 2024, Muscleform will transition to the new brand identity, swish.works.

Our expansive 9,000 sq ft in-house production and warehousing facility enables us to craft both our distinctive swish.works line and produce ‘private label’ items for various companies, showcasing our broad manufacturing expertise.

Finest Quality Guaranteed

swish.works is dedicated to producing groundbreaking products by integrating only the highest quality ingredients, handpicked from suppliers certified by ‘INFORMED SPORT.’ This rigorous selection process is pivotal in delivering the unparalleled quality and efficiency our products are known for.

Since the outset in 2000, our partnership with the same whey protein provider—a trailblazer in the UK and now the foremost supplier in Europe —ensures we offer top-tier whey protein. Muscleform (now swish.works) was among their initial clientele, reflecting our enduring commitment to quality from the beginning.

Moreover, our certifications from AlzChem as authorized distributors of the Creapure® brand, alongside our endorsement by the Bioceutical Research and Development Laboratory (BR&D) for the Kre Alkalyn® brand, further signify our pledge to excellence.

At swish.works, we craft our products unyieldingly, utilizing only premium, 100% pure-grade components sourced from our trusted network, devoid of unnecessary additives. Each product’s integrity is verifiable through a ‘Certificate of Analysis’ available on our website.

To assure our customers of outstanding quality, swish.works’ products undergo independent and regular purity assessments.

Adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and the protocols of the Food Safety Act, our infrastructure and processes demonstrate our commitment to safety and quality. We maintain a robust Quality Assurance Management System, enabling full transparency—from the sourcing of raw materials to the final product. Our adherence to batch-manufacturing and HACCP standards underpins this commitment.

Our stringent quality assurance and compliance regimen receives annual inspections from Trading Standards, reinforcing our dedication to maintaining the highest standards.

Choose swish.works and experience the confidence of a fully guaranteed satisfaction promise, enhanced by unparalleled customer service.

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Meet the team

Meet the expert team behind your favourite swish.works supplements.

Meet the team

Meet the expert team behind your favourite swish.works supplements.

Wendy Greaves
Robert Whiting
Melissa Wilson
Kerry Woodrow
Beth Atkins
Andrew Joyce
Robin Rodger
Nicola Haycroft
Lauren Greaves
Lilly Daniels
Oliver Haycroft