Swish-Pure Marine Collagen

Swish-Pure Marine Collagen

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Swish-Pro Marine Collagen peptides provide a high-quality protein source, designed for enhanced absorption. Created to support a range of health benefits, especially aimed at enhancing skin and joint health. Sourced solely and sustainably from fish, Swish-Pure Marine Collagen offers unparalleled purity.

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£25.95£46.95 or subscribe and save 20%

Marine Collagen Benefits
  • Solely and sustainably derived from fish, Swish-Pure Marine Collagen guarantees absolute purity. With its clean, mild, and neutral taste, it effortlessly integrates into your daily regimen.

    From the age of 25 onwards, the natural production of collagen decreases in our bodies. To continue supporting our skin health, joint function, and digestive system, additional collagen intake becomes vital.

    The advantages of ingesting pure marine collagen include:

    • Enhanced skin elasticity
    • Amplified skin hydration
    • Refined skin texture
    • Optimal absorption for joint and cartilage health

    Swish-Pro Collagen peptides not only serve as an immaculate protein source but are also highly absorbable, engineered to enhance various facets of health, especially concerning skin and joint wellness.

    Premium Pure Marine Collagen, Guaranteed.

    All of our supplements are precisely crafted, composed, and blended in Norfolk, England, upholding unparalleled standards of quality and purity.

    Understanding the essential role of a dependable wellness partner, we dedicate ourselves to handpicking only superior ingredients for our supplements. Designed to cater specifically to your health requirements, we will never include fillers or additives.

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  • Responsibly sourced, Hydrolysed Collagen is taken from the skin of the fish.

    Collagen peptides have gained popularity due to their potential health benefits, including:

    Bioavailability – Readily available to circulate the body.

    Skin health – The largest organ of the human body.

    Joint health – Condition and functionality of the joints

    Bone health – Strength, density and overall bone health.

    Gut health – Health and proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

    Hair and nail growth – Condition, strength and appearance.

  • 10g dose daily, added to water or fruit juice or smoothie.
    Consume 1 serving per day.
    Key Ingredients
    Hydrolysed Marine Collagen Tripeptides 100%
    Per 100g Per 10g Serving
    Energy 1561kJ 156kJ
    Energy 373kcal 37kcal
    Fat 0g0g
    Saturates0 0g
    Carbohydrate 0g 0g
    Sugars 0g 0g
    Protein92g 9.2g
    Salt 0g 0g
    Gluten free. Suitable for pescatarians.
    No bulkers or fillers.